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豊かな表情を持つ土壁が建築にさらなる深みを与え、そこで過ごす人々に平穏にも似たやすらぎを 感じていただくことができたら。

そして、日本の伝統工法を現代の建築に融合させ、より付加価値の高いものへと昇華させてゆくのが 目標でもあります。


~Bewitched by the beauty of “Tsuchikabe (earth plaster)”~

Throughout my career, I have been undertaking a wide variety of projects regarding bespoke wall plastering, using clay and various natural materials of Hokkaido.
Among all, what attracts me the most is creating earth plasters utilizing traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Natural clay each has their own property, exhibiting the regional climate and environment of the land they originated from, hence showing a wide variety of looks and textures.
It is the work of the artisan to bring life to each material.
Hoping the rich textures of earth plasters add beauty to the architecture, thereby providing peacefulness and serenity to those who are there. That is what I think about each time I hold a trowel.
Kneaded with water, clay is a material that can be used over and over perpetually.
The ability to pass the gift from mother earth on to the next generation, is one of the reasons earth plasters continue to attract me. It is also my aspiration to add value to traditional Japanese craftsmanship through integrating them with modern architecture.
From Hokkaido, to anywhere in the world.
Disseminating the Japanese craftsmanship of creating beautiful earth plasters through my work, is my heartfelt desire.

野田 肇介 NODA KEISUKE 本人写真


  • 1978年
  • 北海道浦河生まれ
  • 1994年
  • 野田左官店 父の元に弟子入り
  • 2004年
  • 久住有生氏に師事
  • 2006年
  • 野田左官店で土の仕事を開始
  • 1978年
  • Born in Urakawa, Hokkaido
  • 1994年
  • Apprentice of Eigo Noda
  • 2004年
  • Apprentice of Naoki Kusumi
  • 2006年
  • Begin career at Noda Plaster Work